Saturday, 1 June 2013

What is the factish?

If you need to sum it up then it's as simple as this: facts are no longer the source of faithful and objective knowledge they once were....the truth is that they hardly ever were.

Yet, I do love science, don't get me wrong. The problem is not science, the problem is not that science is biased (it is! But that is not news). The problem is that in a world where science lives in journals that no one reads, most of us build our knowledge based on a myriad of other sources. This task faces us with a begging question:

How do you separate what's relevant and what's not?

The problem, I said, is not science. The problem is having knowledge that is neither freely accessible nor easily understandable. Have you tried reading an article on microbiology, astrophysics or evolutionary theory, lately?

Exactly... so, the issue is that knowledge lives throughout social media, online news, IMS, popular and less popular websites.....and, perhaps you get the point by now, knowledge is everywhere, but in truth it is nowhere unless you are able to grasp it, to discuss it, to criticize or to argue in favour of it. It is this endeavour what characterizes the factish.

Read on, comment, and suscribe freely to the world of the factish.

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